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Industrial IoT

IoT sensors and technology designed for industrial processes and manufacturing

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Industrial analytics

79% of manufacturers believe that IoT will help them attain predictive and prescriptive maintenance of their product machines. Connecting machines through industrial IoT sensors has never been more important for keeping a competitive edge over competitors.


Terepac IoT industrial sensors are the simplest way to keep your equipment connected during your manufacturing process and product lifecycle. From monitoring conveyor belts, to tracking robot behaviour, our IoT sensors are built to provide the most useful information to help you make informed business decisions by monitoring heat, vibrations, and humidity. Call today for details!



An IoT platform that works as hard as you do

Take control of your data with Terepac's ONE Platform. You work hard to keep the lights on and all of your equipment should work hard too. Terepac uses Industry leading technology and sensors to ensure that you have all the knowledge you need to get the most from your machines. While the superior quality is easy to see, it's the industrial insights and monitoring where the superior value of Terepac really becomes clear.


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Easy to Setup

Our IoT sensors are extremely easy to connect. Simply install the ONE Machine or ONE Water sensor on your equipment, turn on the device which will automatically connect to our cellular network, and you're ready to view your data online! ONE Platform immediately starts monitoring your machines for heat, vibration, and humidity.




ONE Machine is a simple-to-deploy, magnetically-attached wireless IoT senser. The ONE Device hardware securely records and wirelessly relays pressure, temperature and leak detection telemetry to the cloud via cellular networks. Piezo energy harvesting (similar to the self-winding technology in mechanical watches) converts equipment vibration into power, enabling sensors to be deployed without wires or batteries.

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ONE Water monitors pressure from within municipal water systems using customized ONE Device hardware. The ONE Device hardware securely records and wirelessly relays pressure readings to the cloud via cellular networks. ONE Water lets cities change their Smart Hydrants' sampling parameters remotely as their needs evolve.

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One Platform

ONE Platform is an intuitive and scalable software platform which collects and displays data from any IoT hardware.It is simple to set up and easy to use. It allows anyone from engineers and project managers, to business owners to log into the dashboard from anywhere and monitor device using real-time analytics.