ONE Platform

We have developed a full-stack IoT solution and software platform which is scalable, easy, and has the ability to connect any IoT device.

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ONE Platform for all.

ONE Platform is what makes it possible to give voice to anything. Information from any IoT sensor can be securely transmitted, analyzed, and visualized on any device that you choose.

If your existing assets still don’t have a voice, we’ll show you how to let them speak up with our ONE Water and ONE Machine sensors.

ONE Platform IoT Software

Easy to use interface.

We designed our software so that our users could save time and costs. Thanks to our simple interface, it is easy for you to gather and monitor data from your equipment and find insightful information that will help your bottom line.

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Cloud Technology

All your device information is stored securely and always available on our top of the line Terepac servers, which deliver your data at 99.99% up-time. There is no need to download, install, or update your software. We take care of all of that so that you can focus on your business.

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3rd Party Sensor Integration.

Already have sensors in place? No problem! ONE Platform integrates with any IoT device or sensor that can connect to the Internet. If you need help, we can show you how to maximize their effectiveness.

Iot Software Support


ONE Platform is incredibly easy to use, but we understand you may have some questions, especially in the beginning. If you ever need us, just give us a call. You have our undivided attention.


What can we help you do?

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Know when problems are coming before they arrive.

Our software allows you to know when problems may occur before they start to impact your business. The ONE Platform software is always monitoring your devices, allowing you to analyze data and monitor for any operational inconsistencies. A slight change in vibration, a variance in temperature, or humidity imbalance can be symptoms of a coming problem.

IOT Platform Software Cut costs

Cut costs by avoiding them altogether.

One of the greatest advantages of connecting your IoT network through ONE Platform is the ability to use our predictive analytics to see when problems are coming. This allows businesses to perform preventative maintenance on equipment and on a schedule that won't impact production.


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