Terepac Corporation awarded contract by City of Waterloo for online wireless system to detect water main leaks

WATERLOO, ON, Canada – The City of Waterloo has awarded a contract worth $775,540 to Terepac Corporation, to set up an online wireless system to help detect leaks in the city’s main water lines. 

The system aims to enable City of Waterloo staff to detect leaks and set priorities on when and where to repair watermains, potentially before a serious break can take place.

The system also reports on temperature and pressure, which could help predict watermain breaks and potential other impacts on customers.

“The aging system is experiencing many watermain breaks that result in delivery interruption and pressure losses, as well as considerable cost (more than $500,000 per year),” said a City staff report to council on the contract.

City of Waterloo has about 431 kilometres of watermains that provide potable water to about 134,000 residents on 30,000 properties.

“There are untold numbers and types of assets around the globe that if they could tell you what they know, and relay how they feel, could help bad things from happening and verify that good things are. This engagement with the City of Waterloo is an exciting next step in Terepac’s quest to give voice to the world,” stated Terepac CEO Ric Asselstine.

The proposed work in Waterloo will include installation of a leak detection system covering 21 kilometres of watermains in select locations. City staff chose the hydrants in different sites based on factors such as pressure, pipe materials, age, and frequency of breaks.

Through its bidding process, the City received proposals from three firms and Terepac’s ONE Water solution (https://www.terepac.com/one-water/) was chosen following a review based on its technical and financial scores.


About City of Waterloo

The City of Waterloo is located in the heart of Canada's Technology Triangle, in the Region of Waterloo.

Within its 64 square kilometres (25 square miles) of land area lives a diverse population of 134,600 who contribute to a vibrant culture. The population figure includes students and other foreign/temporary residents.

It’s a dynamic urban municipality in southwestern Ontario with a strong cultural and economic base. Renowned post-secondary institutions, global think tanks and major employers call Waterloo home.

The quality of life here is enhanced by arts, culture and heritage scenes, recreation opportunities, parks and trails, facilities, programs, services and more. Waterloo is a great place to live, work, learn and play. For more information, please visit www.waterloo.ca.


About Terepac Corporation

Terepac Corporation melds unique technical knowledge with world class subject matter expertise to "Give Voice to the World”®.

Layering mechanical, electronic, cloud, security and block chain-based know how, Terepac offers Internet of Things (IoT) solutions ranging from “off the shelf” commoditized to bespoke, fully customized, delivered directly or as a complement to diverse partner offerings. All to transform previously unvoiced objects into fully voiced, analog to digital, atoms to bits.

For more information please visit www.terepac.com and www.geeq.io.


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