Herding IoT Data

IoT data.jpg

Businesses have been collecting data since commerce existed. However, there has been a huge change over the last 25 years: quantity. Data is now everywhere in abundance. So much, that often we cannot collect and analyze it fast enough to use it for decision making.

Moreover, manufacturing and business processes demand more from their equipment. We expect less down time, greater quality, and quicker decision making.

These increased constraints force greater urgency on collecting, organizing, and using quality data. Businesses cannot afford to sit on hoards of IoT data. At best they'll lose a few impatient customers, at worst they'll fall behind their competitors who are able to advance their business, manufacturing, and service processes.

Useful data about your equipment is imperative and many companies claim that they provide good data IoT platforms so that businesses can make better decisions. However, even though they delivery data, they stop short on making it useful. Companies like Terepac are focused on being a full stack IoT solution. That means that Terepac has to service the needs of their clients all the way to the final business decision.

We hope that you choose Terepac IoT sensors to collect data from your equipment and Terepac IoT Platform to help make business decisions. But if you don't, make sure that the solution you choose can provide you real business insights, not just the data.

Kris Bruynson