Ric Asselstine

Chift executive Officer

Co-founded Terepac following a career of 25 years in corporate and entrepreneurial management. Foundedand successfully led multiple organizations from, Practical Approach Corporation, Employee Staff Leasing, Inc., and Spectrim Label & Equipment Ltd.


Darryl Patterson

Chief technology officer

Over 25 years building online user-centred business solutions. Darryl is dedicated to ensuring that Terepac defines the cutting edge of IoT technology and attracts the brightest minds to our one-of-a-kind value proposition.



Vice-president software & security

As the 20th hire at RIM/BlackBerry, Harry knows how to scale a great idea to the global level. He built the team that delivered the Secure BlackBerry Handheld Platform.He wrote the first user interface engine for BlackBerry and his name is attached to over 60 patents.